first wood.

In September 2016: In preparation to fire our Rocket Mass Heater I started to cut the dead branches of our Stone Pines (pinus pinea) with a dear friend in mid September 2016. Now, being almost through our first heating period I can say that I love this pines wood for its furious burns, as it is loaded with rasin. But I can not recommend burning only pine, as too many volatiles are discharged, so that even the Rocket Mass Heater innards get covered in soot and can not transform a pure Stone Pine fire into a clean burn. But as a mixing wood it acompanies hard, slow burning woods like oak really well and the burn stays rockety clean, yet have this extra power to them. In general I discovered, that a “polycultural” burn makes the best fire in our RMH… what else would one expect, right 😉



As beeing illustrated by the tool in the images above, the first rounds of wood cutting where done 100% manual.

All wood was cutted in approximately 30cm length and all branches sticking out where thoroughly removed, so that the fuel would feed easily into the RMH feed tube. The pine cones of pinus pinea collected where though of as fire starters and work really well but only need some time with the fire lighter to catch fire them selves. Once burning it is about impossible to put them off again.


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