This will be my new permaculture blog, celebrating and documenting our experiences, successes and failures that we are going to make on our mediterranean travel to a more senseful, more abundant and more sustainable life, lived with permaculture ethics and principles.




The pictures above show the piece of land and its surounding, this story will be written into, on our first visit in February 2016.

“Our” experiences should point out, that we are a family of 4 with my wife, my two little preschool kids and me.

The start of this blog is accompanied by my first Permaculture Design Course, that I am taking online with Geoff Lawton’s online PDC 2.0.

Please enjoy the ride with us and feel free to share, to ask or to reply. I hope the words and images of this blog will be inspirational for all of you.

Kind reguards.


3 thoughts on “welcome.

      • Thank you – helps get a perspective on what you are doing. It might also explain things like gorse – not sure where exactly in the world it does and doesn’t grow but even if Portugal is say on average warmer than Northern England, there will be other stuff which might be similar (e.g. being affected by the Atlantic, perhaps?).


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