more wood.

Later in September 2016: With the help of a dear, heavily mechanized friend, the dead pine branch harvest for our first Rocket Mass Heater winter season got intensified via chainsaw. In an exhausting day of work, we harvested roughly a cubic meter of RMH-ready trimmed and cleaned wood. On our RMH that would be enough to heat approximately 25 days through our mild mediterranean mid winter.



Here you see the loaded car and the stacked wood in the end. On close inspection you can also make out the burned bricks from my 15 nights of Rocket Mass Heater tests and two test barrels that where not used in the final built.

In the end of that day I did not want ot believe how tired I was, almost fainting coming home after chopping and cleaning wood and moving about 8 big wheel barrels full of wood from the plot of land uphill to the car. After years of professional creative computer work (that I still love to do) there was no stamina for physical body movement left. I was very sad about that lack of fitness, yet I was happy about moving towards a life including physicallity, rather than continuing isolating standstill click work.


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