gooseneck barnacles.

Even though this is not really Permaculture related, I had to post this stunning image I took from my first gooseneck barnacle appetizer of my life (no, there where not just three barnicles on that plate 😉 ). Living in Portugal already for about a year I am quite late for this encounter, I must admit. It is a very typical Portuguese seafood.

Maybe the far fetched organic food factor is a link to Permaculture, as these anthropods, close to crabs and lobsters are only harvested in the rough, rocky Atlantic coasts at low tides and at great physical risk by highly specialized and experienced gatherers. I think they are not bread. But of course the observations of patterns links to Permaculture: Do you see the fractal tip with the order of 6? The Fibonacci spirals on the stem or leg, that shine like snake skin or silky cloth? And what about the branching pattern of the baby barnacles on the foot of the stem? I was looking at these animals for a long time while eating and have very seldomly been fascinated in such an intense way by a creature. Maybe thats how you feel as a child, when you see something for the first time.


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