earthbag building.

There was a little earthbag building workshop at Quinta dos 7 Nomes, our favourite organic, everyday shopping permaculture farm in the surrounding. I would have loved to take part, yet I had my whole family visiting exactly on these days. Having whitnessed the whole preparation and a lot of the building process anyhow, I am taking this bilding technique highly into consideration for our far future home building plans.



These are photos taken during lunch time at the farm. One can see the layers of earth bags, the tire form for a niche under a bench and the tamper for earth compaction.

After the workshop with with ArQeas was over, I was very happy with our almost daily visits and frequent lunches to suck in as much visuals and informations as possible. Barbara, giving the workshop has a great knowledge about natural building and answers any question very knowledgeable. The days after the workshop I even managed to join in for the final inside / outside earth rendering of the finished earth bag wall and even got to mix a whole load of earth render myself.


Here is the finished wall with the forms for the openings still in place. Once the wall is dried and settled the formes will be removed and replaced by windows.

The well fermented, super slimy and very bad smelling Indian fig cactus (opuntia species) additive was my favourite! So fascinated by this natural “alchemy” of earth rendering. Once finished, the wall has to cure and settle for about 2 to 3 months and will then be completed with a white lime render.


This is the fermented Indian fig slime being added to the earth render through a sieve. Its made by fermenting the chopped up Indian Fig leaves for some days after being covered in wter. Careful: STINKS!



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